Roy Keane don yarn say the tackle wey Monero do ontop Shaw ‘make sense’

Keane wey bin dey play for Manchester United before before don yarn ontpop the matter wey consign Monero and Luke Shaw, wey give Shaw double leg fracture.
Roy Keane no care wetin Manchester United fans go do am for wetin e talk, e talk say na fine tackle wey Hector Monero do.
Shaw wey bin do operation for hin right leg Tuesday night don dey recover for Hospital.

Luke Shaw – double leg Fracture (clean Break, no infection)

E go tey before e play again for Manchester United, e fit no play dis season again. But hope dey say e fit wakka come back before the time wey we dey expect.
Dis na the rubbish wey commot for Roy Keane mouth:
“I reason say na Tackle wey make sense, E dey sweet me when person dey physical. And if say na bad tackle, Manchester United players for dey rush am, but as dem no rush am, dem self know say no be foul.”
“and when players dey runnn lyke dat, if person fly kick am, injuries go everly happen. E dey shock me say I no dey see more tackles lyke am”
“Na accident, no be foul”
As una sabi say na the kind game wey Roy Keane bin dey play when e dey Manchester United ‘To dey break people leg’.
E no shock me say this kind rubbish go commot for hin mouth. Una remember the one Keane do for 2001, wey e wound Alfie Haaland.  Van Gaal self don yarn ontop the matter, e believe say Ref suppose don give Monero Red card, but Howard Webb don talk say Ref dey right as e no give any Card:

“Fashi say Luke Shaw wound dey bad and I dey wish am fast healing, But Ref dey right.”
“Monero collect ball”
“Shaw just dey unlucky say, e hit am in d process, but I dey reason say the Ref dey right”

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