Ex-Manchester United Player Roy Keane talk say na him make Cristiano Ronaldo turn World Best

Roy Keane and Cristiano Ronaldo don play together for Manchester United, the Irishman don yarn hin own ontop Ronaldo matter.

Manchester United celebrate with the FA Cup after winning the AXA FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Millwall, 2004

Ronaldo and Roy Keane don play together before.

Cristiano Ronaldo for no turn World Class, if no be for me, na wetin the first Captain wey Ronaldo get for Manchester United yarn, Roy Keane.

Na me wey make am World Best.

Dem two bin play together between 2003 and 2005 before Roy Keane wakka commot for November that year after e fight with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ronaldo and Keane bin win 2004 FA Cup together – Na the last trophy wey Keane collect for United before e wakka commot.

Ex-Manchester United winger Ronaldo, wey spend six years for Old Trafford, don turn one of the best players wey dey this world, and Reporters con ask Keane ontop the matter for Press Conference before match wey Republic of Ireland get with Bosnia for friday, Euro 2016 play-off first-leg.

This na wetin Roy Keane yarn:

“Yes, na me make am, If no be for me, he for no turn World Best.”

Reporters con ask Roy Keane if the fact say e don turn Manager, teach am say you no suppose dey treat all players the same way, to make dem ball die. Dis na wetin e yarn:

“Yes o, na true talk be that, People wey dey play football dey different.”, Keane still dey yarn.

“How you take dey relate with them, some people you fit shout ontop dem, some people u no fit… I bin no shout ontop Ronaldo head too mush… E bin dey do wetin e suppose do well well na.”

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