Juan Mata talk say make una dey respect England’s Wayne Rooney more

  • E shock Juan Mata say people dey yabb England’s Capo
  • Vicente Del Bosque yarn say Diego Costa dey part of Spain Team onto say no be hin fault say Chelsea dey play rubbish for League.

Juan Mata don play plenty matches for Spain, e dey warm bench most times sha

Juan Mata believe say people gots dey respect hin Manchester United team-mate Wayne Rooney more.

E never tey wey Rooney become the highest goal scorer for England this season, but people still dey yabb am onto say e dey play rubbish most times for league. Na only two premier league goals wey e don score this season self, so people con dey talk say e suppose dey warm bench for club and country. But Mata, who fit follow Spain as dey wan knack ball for Friendly with England yarn say e shock am say people dey yabb Rooney.

“When we dey yarn Rooney matter, Make una no forget say na England and Manchester United Capo we dey talk about,” the midfielder yarn. “E dey very important. and e don score pass everybody wey dey play for England and United now.”

“I sabi say e fit play for different positions. At the end of the day, na Roy Hodgson or Louis van Gaal go decide where dey want make e play, but if na strike, i know say e go score more. E dey make my head swell say me and am don knack ball together o, and i know say e go dey hard to face am today.”

Rooney no go start match for Friday. Hodgson yarn say e wan experiment with hin England lineup for Alicante. Fashi say Rooney no dey start, Juan Mata talk say England get plenty players wey fit worry spain.

“I dey follow Rooney word everyday for Manchester, i sabi say e sweet am say England team get players die,” Juan Mata. “Dey gt pikins, wey wan knack person apako, and their squad big o, people full there wey sabi play – If person just siddon, observe their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign, you go sabi say dem knack everybody.”

“Today match go tough o, for us and for them so person go fit know whether e dey ready for Euros. I believe say England na one of the teams wey fit win Euro 2016.”

Vincente del Bosque don yarn ontop Diego Costa matter, Una sabi say e purshue am commot before, as e don bring am back into the team, this na wetin e yarn:

“E no dey here onto say dem force us to put am, or say na him right,” He yarn. “E dey here onto say e deserve am. No be him fault wey make Chelsea dey play rubbish, people dey blame am for the matter. E no pure.”

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