Juan Mata’s Blog: We gots knack PSV and Leicester this week

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Manchester United knack Watford 2-1

Week suppose make sense o.

My People how una dey? I dey hail o,

We fit take important step wey go make us finish first for our group for Champions League and we fit top Premier League self. Na how we take wakka enter this week o, we believe say e fit happen, and our prayers be say, make we knack dem two apako, so we go fit bounce enter busy period. We know say e no go ready, we gots ball die if we wan knack PSV and Leicester.

Na small small we go dey move. The last match wey we play vs Watford, E dey hard make person get full squad after international break. This season we no just get luck onto say people just dey wound anyhow. So we wakka enter Watford house with different squad, and we bin dey pray make we wakka commmot for there with three points. And na wetin we do. I no go fit talk say the match sweet, but I reason say we play pass dem when match start for first half, na how we (Memphis) take score. For second half, we bin miss some chances self, but dem worry us o sote we no fit control game. Dey con see penarity, wey dem take score… As dey score, E ginger us, and we tear their pant again before match finish. As Man City and Arsenal lose match, na we dey siddon for second for Premier League. Make I talk am again, We no give up till match finish, and I dey hope make we play that till season finish. When person win match after e play rubbish, e mean a lot o.

The next match wey we get for Premier League, like I don talk am before, na Leicester. Ranieri’s team don do well well this season, and the proof be say na them dey top League. Vardy na winsh (E don equal Van Nistelrooy record o, e score for ten matches straight) and Mahrez dey ball self…. We gots dey very careful as we dey follow them play.

But before that, we get Champions League match for Old Trafford, na PSV we dey follow play. Dem knack us for their house, now we gots revenge knack dem so we go fit wakka enter next stage. If we knack PSV, e sure me say Theatre of Dreams go bubble.

Make I yarn matter wey happen for other leagues, Barcelona tear Real Madrid pant for El Clasico (4-0). The people wey score na Suárez (2), Neymar, and person wey I dey like watch hin game when he dey on form: Iniesta. As Iniesta wan commot, people wey dey Bernabéu self, dey hail am…. Him na person wey dey make right decisions, E dey make football look easy.

Make una enjoy una week. Make we Hug,


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