Juan Mata 

My people how una dey,

January don wakka commot. The month no easy at all o but as we don knack Derby apako, e dey sweet everybody onto say e don boost our moral: We don wakka enter next round for FA Cup and everybody for the team dey feel good and I dey reason say we play wella. For the first half, we bin control game and Wayne con score mad goal. Later, they con tear our pant and e con become 1-1, but for Second half, we bin show say we dey hungry to knack dem and we close game. As I don talk before, na very positive result onto say we bin play freely, fast game, we dey pray make we fit maintain am. When February wan end, we gots knack Shrewbury Town if we wan dey move close to Wembley…. I dey hope say we go get there o onto say I wan feel as that Stadium (Wembley) go be that day. Right now, our aim na to move step by step, so na only next round dey our mind.

We no even fit dey jolly ontop FA Cup win, onto say we get Premier League match against Stoke City, wey go happen tomorrow. February na very busy month, we get seven matches and our aim na to knack everybody wey we go play, we gots start with Stoke, wey knack us for the first half of the season. Them get many talented players wey don improve the way dem dey play for the last few seasons and e dey pay them. E dey hungry us to win again for Old Trafford and we dey pray say we fit do am from now till season finish, we gots dey strong for our house, so people no go dey wakka commot with points…

We go end this week with special match for me…. I dey wakka go back Stamford Bridge, and e dey bring back many good memories and I know say I been play there last season, but e dey always sweet me for body to knack ball for the place where I don play ball tire when I first wakka enter England, ans e dey make my head swell to knack ball in front of Chelsea fans, I dey grateful. Oya as I don hail them, my only goal na to knack dem apako. I dey reason say if we fit knack Chelsea for their Stadium, e fit boost our season and we go try our best to knack dem.

Make una enjoy una week. Make we hug!!


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