Juan Mata’s Blog: It no be anyhow Sunday 

My People how una dey, Na now now i just reach house, and i go write una as i dey watch Super Bowl. 

Today no be like wetin una dey sew for Movies, na Special Sunday o. As una know, we wakka enter London to play Chelsea and na so we wakka commot with draw (1-1). I been dey get one kind feeling wen i still dey pitch, say the match too sweet the fans. If no be for the two goalkeepers wey dey post, goals for the match for yakpa. But i wan talk say Manchester United try gan, immediately wen Ref blow whistle, na hin we rush dem. Na 3 points we bin dey find. We bin play well well, luck no just dey our side as we drop two points before the match finish. Na pity, onto say e for ginger our moral for this second half of the season but as Chelsea no gree make we rest till match finish, na so dem take score us. Our game don dey improve, e sure me say if we continue like dis, we go see plenty good results for the weeks wey dey wakka come so. The team dey play with high spirit and our moral don dey high, we gots continue like this. 

But make i take una back to the beginning… E dey very very special always for me when i dey knack ball for Stamford Bridge. My feelings go dey everywhere but as Ref blow whistle make match start, my aim na to knack dem (chelsea), to play ball gan so i fit help my team wella and i go fit jolly for pitch… I just wan hail Chelsea fans, the way dem take hail me when i dey wakka commot from the match, this kind thing na wetin dey make football sweet and you no go fit forget am. 

I no fit forget about Kurt Zouma wound, i been dey close to am for pitch when the wound happen. E bin dey scream in pain. Na stretcher dem use carry am commot for pitch. I hope say the wound no go serious and e go wakka come back soon. 

Today na very emotional day for me, many things happen: E remain small we for knack dem but na luck save dem, i bin jam my former paddies and teammates wey still dey knack ball for Chelsea and na me wey win Man of the match award…. Today dey make my head swell and na why i like football wella. 

Make una enjoy una week and i thank una for support. 

Make we hug,



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