Adam Johnson go miss Sunderland v Man United: E go yansh small pikin


Adam Johnson and hin girlfriend Stacey Flounders

Una sabi say Adam Johnson bin play last week for Sunderland as dem draw 2-2 with Liverpool. For that match, e start from bench self.

Later, Sunderland coachie con put am for second half when Liverpool dey knack Sunderland 2-0, Adam Johnson con enter match, score free kick (The freekick no too make sense sha, but as Liverpool keeper na mumu, the ball enter net), wey ginger Sunderland as dem draw 2-2 for that match.

We don hear say e no go play against Manchester United tomorrow, say Sunderland don sack am. At first, we think say na wound but as we con investigate the matter, we see say na serious matter wey involve Police o. E fit go prison self. We dey also hear say Adidas don terminate hin contract self. 

The Court People wey wan send am go prison talk say E (Johnson) go yansh one 15 yr old pikin. Adam Johnson talk say na lie, e only kiss am. Dem talk say Adam Johnson bin know say d girl na small pikin (she never mature) but e still wan yansh am lyk dat. Say wetin e do dey wrong.

The girl na Big Sunderland fan wey dey watch all deir matches, her best player na Adam Johnson. She dey wait after matches to snap with am..Them talk say The Girl (15 year old pikin) love Adam Johnson die, say Him na her Hero, say for d gal eye, Adam Johnson be like Ronaldo/Messi. She con track A.Johnson for Facebook. She con send am friend request. E con accept, bros no waste tym sharply e ask am for her control Number. Adam Johnson n d babe con exchange Numbers n dey begin yarn for Whatsapp.. (E think say e b Bad guy, e no knw say she go finish hin career.)

Johnson bin tell her to delete all d convos wey dem get, but she no do am. E bin dey sweet her for body say she dey follow her Hero yarn. This na the message wey Adam Johnson send am (pikin wey neva mature) a day b4 New Year 2014: “When u go reach 16?” Girl: “November.”

Johnson: “Anytym wey u wan chill, Whr u dey go?” Girl: “I neva mature, i b prisoner for house” Johnson: “D way ur body take b. U don mature.”

Johnson con ask am wat time dem go fit meet so e fit give am d signed SAFC shirt. Girl: “Afternoon. E no fit b mornin, i wan crash wella”

Adam Johnson con dey ask the babe (small pikin) if she go gree siddon small for hin car. Baba Johnson: “i hope say u no go shy o.”

She con talk say she dey very shy. Johnson: “Ah, nothing spoil sha. U be shy girl? Hope say u no go shy wen u dey inside my car o.”

Adam Johnson con tell the babe say e no go fit meet am for Afternoon, say na night sure pass: “Sweety mi, na night sure pass na”

The first time wey Johnson and the girl meet na 17 Jan 2015, 18days after e begin txt am, for inside hin car behind one chinese restaurant. The first time wey dem (Johnson & Girl) see, E no yansh am. Dey just siddon for hin car for 20 mins, dey yarn football, dey listen to radio. Adam Johnson con sign two of hin Jerseys and e give the Girl as gift… The Girl con thank am for the shirts wen she wan commot.

Adam Johnson con dey use style say wetin e want from the girl: “U dey owe me o”, Den e con laugh, dey smile. Johnson con ask d Babe about her EX. E con tel am say e dey good as she neva mature n she dey single say she go fit do anything wey she want. After she commot, reach house. dey sha con dey yori yori for phone. She con thank am for d shirts again. E con say make dem meet on Jan 30.

She talk say she go make am happy dat day. Johnson: “Shey na only kiss we go do? or u get more for me?” Girl: “E depend on wetin you want.”

The day con reach, Adam Johnson begin kiss am, con dey toush everywhere and she no stop am E con drive hin car go where nobody go see dem. Na there, inside hin car wey Adam Johnson yansh am. After dey don do finish, She begin dey feel somehow (she bin know say e get girlfriend). As the Babe enter school, Rumour con dey fly around say she don yansh Adam Johnson… Her Mama con find out, She drag am (Girl) go Police. NA SO E TAKE ENTER WAHALA BE THAT O.


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