Sunderland vs ManUtd (players report card)


LVG get plenty explanation to do to the fans. Cos me I no understand this him off and on tactic. Why we go dey concede late goals self for games wey we suppose win easily?

Me I believe say na him go use him hand sack himself Last-last. The gap between us and top four just dey wide like ‘bow leg’.

Na the players report card be dis, make una enjoy am.

DeGea : he make good saves for the game. The first goal na free kick wey defenders suppose deal with but they let am pass. The second goal self he try but even still enter. I go rate am 6

Smalling : him form be like so e don dey drop. The second goal na him I go blame cos na him mark Kone come still leave am wey he take head score. I go give am 5

Blind : him don dey get plenty mistakes. Him partnership with Smalling don dey one kain. He don dey lose concentration well. For this game I go give am 5.

Borthwick : he need to work on him speed and get body to dey mark. He make some very clear mistakes but luck wey he get be say none become goal. He also do some good crosses when he run go front. I go rate am 5

Darmian : the injury cost am. I go still rate am 5 cos of him performance before he common.

Schneiderlin :he lost for this game one kind. He suppose help kill Sunderland for midfield but he no gree do am. I give am 5

Carrick : I go give am 4. This na because as a senior player I expect make he put body well for game but he no do. He make many faulty pass and he no deliver passes wey suppose help attacker tear net.

Mata : average game. He too dey turn with ball. Release ball for winger or attacker na lie. He go dey turn till even him own player don commot for position. I give am 5

Lingard : no chance to dab. He play some fine rubbish self. I go give am 5

Martial: he try well before LVG tell am to change wing. Na him score the goal and he ginger well for the match. I go give am 6

Rooney : he try small as he deliver some better passes. Na average game he get sha. I go rate am 5


Love:he try well for him wing and he even try link with attack. I go give am 5

Memphis : hahaha hahaha. I give am 3 abeg.

Keane :he no really get enough time to assess am. Me I feel say LVG suppose don bring am on since after that him fine form this week.

Anyway, na the report card be that. As we don lose our chance to Waka enter top 4 again this week, na to dey beg God remain.

Until our next game, make una remember say #UNITEDWESTAND.


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