LVG – E don do,come dey go!


As usual, after every game na players report card dey follow. But me don already talk am since say i no go do report card for Europa League (unless we reach at least semi-final). My mind no gree me support the disgrace wey we go receive there. i know say many people go feel say i dey winchi the team but truth be say Europa league hard die pass UCL.

The teams wey dey play am no dey look Uche face and we see am yesterday as Midtjyland knack us better akpako even though na we first score.

I wonder how we no dey fit attempt to score more goals once we score one, the worse one na say even if we no wan score at least make we manage hold the lead. We don lose many games this season from ‘winning positions’ and this na serious problem.

Before ,our worry na say we no dey score goals. Now na say we no dey fit keep lead. The match yesterday show say our problem plenty as na every where for the field get problem.

Mata , Lingaard, Memphis and Carrick need to explain give us how dem take run the midfield. Mata especially na big yawa yesterday. Lingaard own be say clear chance he throway am.

My main tori today today na as LVG go take realise say he don lose this team and time don reach for am to go. E go better make the board torchlight and reason him matter today before the next game. The way wey he be so if he continue,i no fit guarantee him safety for the next match.

Many fans don dey follow NEWS stories and plenty dey even halla say make Jose Mourinho come take over. I no go lie, all the while i don dey push say make Giggs manage this team because sometimes wetin team need no be just tactics or better players. Sometimes the players just need person wey dem fit look up to and draw inspiration from. Mourinho go do well but that na if he start with players wey he buy himself. If Mourinho take over this team i swear he go break him record wey dem take sack am for Chelsea.

Wetin we need now na just person wey sabi the team and fit build some kind confidence and raise morale of the team till season end but more importantly we first need to send LVG out.






Wetin you think?

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