Five Things wey we observe as Man United knack Midtjylland 5-1: Memphis Depay catch fire


Marcus Rashford bin turn star boy last night

Una sabi say Manchester United bin get match against Midtjylland last night for Europa League. The Red Devils bin lose first leg 2-1. As dem knack us, dem go dey dance shoki, dey do kukere for one video wey dem post online. As dem wakka enter Old Trafford, Louis van Gaal job bin dey on the line and things con dey worst for am onto say Anthony Martial bin get harmstring for warm up. Martial con talk say e no wan risk am, so na him our Under 18 year old pikin ‘Marcus Rashford’ start match.

Man United knack dem 5-1. The people wey score for us na One mumu defender wey dem get (own goal), Marcus Rashford (2x), Ander Herrera (pen), and Memphis. We wan yarn una five things wey we observe as we tear their pant. 

The first thing wey we observe be say Memphis Depay catch fire. Before yesterday match, hin best match na against Club Brugge but everything wey Memphis do last night, e be like dream. I almost no believe am. E wan send everybody for field go message. E worry person sote the person collect red card. Later, E con round up hin star performance with one mad goal. I just dey pray make e continue like this.

The second thing wey we observe na say Marcus Rashford get Striker’s instint. The two goals wey e score dey very important as United don wakka enter next round. For first half, E bin dey run around, up and down for wing side. Louis van Gaal con tell am for half-time say e no wan see am for wing again, say hin job na to dey inside box with their keeper. Na how e take tear net two times for second half.


Ryan Giggs talk say e dey happy for Rashford 

The third thing wey we observe be say Na the best second half wey we don see from Manchester United all season. Dem put body for ball wella. For first half, na only Memphis brain dey ON. The rest no too play anything, Carrick just dey postrate up and down, dey throw wrong pass. But for Second Half, everybody step up. Our Midfield no gree make dem see chance play anything. Schneiderlin just dey mark dem dey collect any ball wey dem wan use attack us. Chaii Our players try no be small.

The fourth thing wey we observe na say our pikins get bright future. Almost all the people wey start the match yesterday for United na young people and dem fit tear person yansh 5-1. E mean say the future dey bright o onto say dem neva mature finish. The people wey impress me pass na Marcus Rashford, Memphis, Varela, and Riley.

The last thing wey we observe be say Midtjylland FC confuse for second half. Dem no believe say Man United go ball dem like that. Even their coachie talk say Rashford bin get perfect game for the match onto say dem no sabi am before tonight. Him self no believe am say we go tear their yansh reach 5.


Memphis catch fire last night 


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