ManUtd vs Arsenal (players report card)

Marcus Rashford tear Arsenal yansh twice

After LVG don  tell our boys to play ‘horny’ football, na since that day we don dey play match dey tear net like pant.

We the fans first worry when we see say many of our main players no go dey fit in time to play this game.  We dey forced to go Academy again go carry players come play the match for us.

Them the boys no disappoint us at all as na all of them put body for ball finish. Before we know wetin dey happen we don knack dem àkpako and put the 2nd one. The match end 3-2 and we all see say them these young boys no look Arsenal players face as them play dem like say na youth league team dem self be.

Na the players report card be this, make una enjoy am.

DeGea : he get good game even tho he chop 2 goals.  We all see that save wey he make from Welbeck  before Ozil come score.  Dem no too worry am for the game after the goals.  I go give am 6

Carrick : he lost for that defence. I no go blame am as no be proper defender. I go give am 5 for him pass/runs.

Blind : he get average game but he self follow do some small mistakes for defence. I go give am 6

Varela : even though he collect yellow card early for the game, the boy show experience as he compose for the match and play better ball without getting red.  I give am 6.5

Rojo : he do well for the game before he come injure again. He hold him side well for defence before they substitute am.  I give am 6

Schneiderlin :he no mark well as an him dey with Welbeck wey he take score the goal. He try small for midfield as he no let Arsenal get too much time for the ball. I give am 6

Welbeck dey beg Schneiderlin for ball 

Herrera :he score one better goal even tho name deflection. He first start the game poorly as he dey do some wrong pass but as the game enter body he adjust. I give am 6

Mata: good game. Deliver some sweet pass even tho he slow small. But he try well today for this game.  I go give am 6

Lingard : he no fit dab today cos he no score but he do assist. He try for the game but he still need to dey sharp with him decisions. I give am 6

Memphis : na him understand this ‘horny’ football wey LVG dey talk of pass. He knack better ball and disturb Arsenal defenders well. I happy well as he continue from where he stop last game. I give am 7

Rashford : better pikin, this one show say he no come play here. Him first EPL match and he knack 2 better goals. Him self dey horny. I give am 8 and na my man of the match.


Mensah : he enter for Rojo and he self no fall hand. He hold him side for the game as he settle down. I give am 6

Januzaj : him self get good game and he show say he Wan enter the main team back. He ginger for flank with Memphis and Mata. I give am 6

Marcus Rashford better pass hin first match

Weir : this one na tactical change as na just to waste time so we no fit rate am.

Na the players report card be that. I just hope say we go fit continue this our horny football package till season end. Until the next game, make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND!


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