Juan Mata’s Blog: We gots dey on track, fashi say we enter gutter yesterday


My People, how una dey

After I don play 500 matches for my life, yesterday na the first time wey I don get red card. As una fit imagine, e hard me as I dey write una. The truth be say I no dey used to this kind thing, I no fit reason the matter well self, but we gots dey learn from everything. I know say e dey happen for football wella, but the thing wey dey pain me pass na say my teammates bin fight with 10 men for long time.

I know say the two things wey I do dey harsh; but we don see when person do pass wetin I do and ref no go give dem card but na something wey I fit avoid so I go take responsibility. I know say supporters wey travel come watch match dey yabb me, even the ones wey watch am for house self dey yab me, dey insult me but I gots carry on, and focus on the next match wey we get, na derby against Liverpool for Europa League. For this kind football, person no fit celebrate for long. E no tey wey everybody dey celebrate say I score mad freekick against Watford, now I don dey pass through this kind difficult experience. Na the way e dey be. Wetin matter most na to move forward, and to learn from them. And na wetin I go do.

Na wetin I go yarn una be dat. I dey take responsibility for the good and bad things wey I don do, na wetin I don dey do since, and na wetin I go continue dey do. I thank una very very much for support.


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