Wayne Rooney don dey eye when e go come back from wound


Wayne Rooney fit come back for April 

Manchester United Capo Wayne Rooney don dey hope say e go come back after Easter Period. 

Fashi say Baba Roo go miss the matches wey we get this week against Liverpool and Manchester City, and e go also miss Friendly matches wey England get against Germany and Netherlands, E get belief say e fit dey available when April reach.

The striker bin injure for the match wey match wey Sunderland knack us on 13 February but e don dey recover wella onto say e bin take break to help am with hin rehabilitation. 

This na wetin Wayne Rooney bin tell reporters: “Everything dey go as i plan am. I dey do Rehab and e dey go well. By the grace of God, E no go tey wey i go come back.”

“I no sabi when i go return. I sha know say i go miss the international games but i dey pray make e no tey. The wound wey i get no too bad like that but we dey pass the safe route so we no go make am worse. If i talk say i wan play with am now, i fit injure myself more.So as i wan recover wella, i go talk say e dey more realistic if  i talk say i go come back after international break.”

“I dey pray say, if i wakka come back when una dey expect me, if we still dey fight for the two cups, then e mean say more than 10 matches fit remain plus England matches.”

“I bin dey talk am before say i don miss eight matches. I no reason say e plenty like that so dey pain me gan say i no fit play. Me, Baba Philo and my Doctor bin want wetin dey best for me, so we all gree say make i rest and na why i dey rest. I know say e go pay me for the weeks wey dey come.”


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