Manchester United don sign one pikin ‘Mattew Olosunde’

Manchester United don sign Matt Olosunde

Matthew Olosunder and Ryan Giggs 

We dey hear say Matthew Olosunde dey play like Barcelona right-back, na wetin hin former coach talk.

Olosunde, 18, wakka commot from New York Red Bulls onto say e wan go college and him be one of the six people wey Duke University wan use for their next season, but Manchester United rush snatch am.

The teenager don receive another good news, USA under-20 don call am, say make e come knack ball for them in the Dallas Cup, wey go happen later this month. 

Dis na wetin Duke University head coach John Kerr yarn about Olosunde;

“E sabi play gan. If you look am ehn, e no be like person wey dey strong but him na Strong pikin o. E sabi recover wella, clear ball commot (Wen dem wan attack hin team).”

“E don play many positions… E don play centre defensive midfield, E don also play centre-back, but for the national team na right-back e dey play mostly. Hin best position na right full-back. E get mad pace, person fit talk say e dey play like Dani Alves, wey fit run up and down the field. E dey sweet am to attack sha (Overlap).

“I dey reason say like every young player, E gots work on hin self. E gots continue to dey grow. Him na quiet pikin, but e get great personality after u don sabi am. Him na fun loving pikin and e like dey shine teeth. Him na pikin wey dey take care of himself, and e wan blow.”




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