Four Things wey we Observe as Man United play 1-1 against Liverpool

Smalling against Clyne

Una sabi say Manchester United bin play 1-1 against Liverpool (Agg: Liverpool knack us 3-1)… Match wey we dey find massive win, dem go draw and Louis van Gaal con dey make sub as if say na we dey win and e dey try preserve lead. The koko be say we don jah commot for Europa League.

We wan sharply yarn una the four things wey we observe for the match:

The first thing be say Louis van Gaal don prove us right, say e no get sense on how to make changes… We fit understand why e commot Varela (E play rubbish), but we no just understand why e commot Rojo put Darmian, when na goal we dey find. Wetin e wan defend?? E con use hin last sub on Baba Scwhwein like say Baba wan enter match score Hat-trick. 

The second thing wey we observe be say Marcus Rashford bin get goal sense before e train with Manchester United senior team.. The first two matches wey e play, e never train with dem onto say dem just commot am from U18s onto say crisis dey… After e train with dem, E no dey gree stay inside penarity box… Everytime you go see am for wing. Abeg, if e dey wing and Martial self dey wing… who go score for us again??

The third thing wey we observe be say Varela no just get himself… See as Coutinho send am enter gutter for pitch… I no believe am… Before that one self, e no just dey play well.. Na either e dey run before ball or e go sleep for back when dem give am pass for front… Na him wey kill us today.

The last thing wey we no understand na why Louis van Gaal no risk the only player wey fit win the match for us ‘Memphis Depay’… Fashi say e dash dem penarity for first leg, yesterday, that match bin dey cry out for Memphis but Baba Philosophy no gree put am.


Wetin you think?

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