Five things wey we observe as Manchester United knack Manchester City 1-0

Marcus Rashford

Una sabi say Man United knack Man City 1-0 for Ethiad Stadium… Omo the result shock me o, I no believe am onto say na away match, and our form this season be one kind one kind. But as match start, for first half, we play them better ball and na Rashford tear their yansh as we knack dem 1-0. Now wey we don win City, We dey one point behind top 4 but we still dey sixth sha…. Man City get 51 points, West Ham and Man United get 50 points each but West Ham dey pass us for table onto say dem don score goals pass us. 

We wan sharply yarn una the five things wey we observe for the match: 

The first thing wey we observe be say this na one of the matches wey Manchester United defend well this season.. Dem defend as a Unit, everybody (Smalling, Daley Blind, Darmian, Rojo, Valencia and Fosu-Mensah) put body for ball sote Man City bin get 26 attempts but na only 3 dey on target. I just dey pray make we continue like this so we go fit make Top 4, so we go qualify for Champions League. 

The second thing wey we observe be say Marcos Rashford na blessing to Manchester United. The way e take send Demichillis go message, baba Postrate… E con score better goal, as Hart no fit catch hin ball.. Na World class striker o, fashi say e still be pikin. E fit save our season.. After Rooney come back ehn, e be like say na Juan Mata go warm bench if Rashford no drop. 


Rashford dey jolly after e tear net

The third thing wey we observe be say this na one of the few matches wey Louis van Gaal show say e get tactical sense. E don too make yama yama changes this season wey dey spoil match for us… But all the changes wey e make yesterday bin help us as we wakka commot with three points. E remain small e for put Baba Fellaini sha, na God save us say Darmian bin get cramp so Baba Philosophy con use hin sub on Fosu-Mensah (For Darmian). 

The fourth thing wey we observe be say fashi say Anthony Martial no score goal, E try wella… but sometimes, ball wey e suppose pass, e go wan dribble and dem go collect am for hin leg. Our wingers try sha, Lingard self bin help for defence, na why Louis van Gaal no commot am. 


Lingard and Rashford dey yarn after match

The last thing wey we observe be say Manchester City bin think say na Rugby we dey play.. dem just dey shoot ball go Over the bar. Sergio Aguero just dey shoot like person wey no sabi where post dey self… Na only one ball wey e remain small e for score, d one wey E control well and Valencia lost… For the match, Ref try… Fashi say e no give us penarity (when dem kick Rashford enter ground for first half inside box), e no give Smalling second yellow… If say e give am, the match fit dey different.


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