JUAN MATA’S BLOG: The way we take enter international break make sense 

My People, how una dey, 
I dey jolly today, na just few hours after we don win a very special match. These three points wey we just wakka commot with, dey very important to all of us. The Manchester Derby na one of matches wey we don paint red this season, and as we don knack dem for their house, we wakka commot for there with Levels…I know say as we knack dem, e sweet millions of Manchester United fans wey dey this world. 

Tension bin dey catch person for the match and we bin take advantage of the chances wey we see, na how we take knack dem. I believe say we play well today, pass wetin we dey do for our previous matches against them. 

In the first half, the match bin dey very balanced between us but after we play better ball, Marcus show say hin fit turn World best. Everybody for the team believe in am but we know say him still be pikin and na just recently wey e begin dey knack ball with first team. For the second half, we bin see some chances but as the match wan finish, City begin dey worry us onto say dem wan draw match. However we no gree make dem score us and na how we wakka commot with three points. As we don knack dem, na so so smile dey our faces before international break. I believe say we all gots enjoy these good moments….

I no fit write without yarning ontop wetin happen for Europa League last Thursday, We don jah… I honestly believe say we try our best to knack dem but as Half time bin finish 1-1, e make everything difficult. E dey pain me say we dey suffer for wetin wey we play for first leg, but nothing wey man pikin fit do about am now. Now we gots look ahead, we gots win as many matches as possible. We gots dey feel how we feel now (as we don knack Man City)after every match. As we wakka commot with three points for here, E mean say we fit fight for Champions League. 

Make we hug, make una enjoy una week!



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