Juan Mata’s Blog: We dey chook eye for Everton match (Premier League)

Juan Mata dey hold ball 

Football na joy o

My people how una dey,

As i dey write una ehn, I don almost finish my one week training for Spain. Other National teams still get match tonight, but we (Spain) don already play the two friendly matches wey we schedule for these days… 

Last Thursday, we bin play against Italy for Udine. The match bin dey hard, no be small. As match start, dey bin dey worry us. Dem block road self sote e hard us to enter their box. But we self put body for ball, the match end draw sha. Our defence bin try, David de Gea self bin save us too… We bin tear net from one of the chances wey we see. Italy bin show why dem be strong team….

On Sunday, we bin play Romania for Cluj. Dem get players wey we no too sabi like the Italians but dem show us why dem qualify for Euro 2016. Their stadium bin bubble, the match sha end 0-0. na draw.

From tomorrow, We go dey chook eye for Premier League again….The next team wey we dey play na Everton on Sunday and we go like knack dem, wakka commot with three points, the way we take knack Man City before international break.

Make we hug and make una enjoy una week,


Ehen before i forget: I dey hope say we fit find world peace, so we fit put all these atrocious tragedies behind us.


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