Players report card (Tottenham vs ManUtd)


The top four race continue this weekend and the game name against Tottenham. We know say dem form this days na die as dem dey knack every body.  Truth be say we no fit afford to draw this game. Na win be the only option.

We arrive the match late as I no know which kind ‘hold-up’ LVG go give driver instructions to pass.

Anyway, the match start and we play our game but baba LVG as we sabi am no fit do make he no exhibit small madness. Cos me no see another name wey we fit call am when he carry Young go striker position.

Na him kill the game and I no surprise if fans block am brush am as e dey go house today.

Anyway, na the players report card be dis, make una enjoy am.

DeGea : he try for the game make plenty saves as the defence still solid. But as water pass garri, he no go kill himself na wetin he see he go catch. I give am 6.

Smalling : he control the game for first half but as second half reach the thing scatter for him eye. I give am 5

Blind : I still no understand the over experience wey he Wan show when he go follow Smalling jump for ball wey he don get already. Na wetin cause confusion for the first goal be that. I give am 5

Rojo : average game. I give am 5

Fosu-mensah : as he commot na so things fall apart. He show say na him hold the defence line. He save us many times for the time wey he dey. He read all the Spurs move and pass well. I give am 7

Carrick : he just tuck in shirt come open mouth like person wey breeze no dey enter from him nose again. I give am 4

Schneiderlin : average performance. Him game for show well if to say Broda Carrick self join turn up. I give am 5

Mata : maybe because dem play am out of position na why I no go abuse am plenty. I give am 4

Lingard : he dey active dey run everywhere like fowl wey escape knife. But we all know say activity no be efficiency. I give am 4

Martial : he do the one wey he fit but nobody dey inside box to receive the balls from am. I give am 6

Rashford : he try small. Baba commot am but all in all i go give am 5

Substitute :

Young : LVG carry am do striker. STRIKER! see ehn make I just quiet. I give am 5 for him effort sha.

Darmian : he no cover well like Mensah. Na him wing goal follow come. I give am 4 sha.

Memphis : him self dey active for field. At least He even stage fight with Walker. I give am 5

Na the players report card be that, so as e be now we don lose 3 points again today and that top four don dey far from us.

Until our next game, make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND but that one no stop us from any swear wey we Wan swear for LVG today sha.


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