Juan Mata: Good week wey fit ginger us


My people how una dey, 

The end of the season don dey reach and all the competition go soon begin dey select people wey go win title. Among them na FA Cup and ma where we wan be: we wan carry this trophy wey get plenty history. As una sabi say we knack West Ham last week for semi-final, E mean say we don wakka enter Wembley, we go face Everton. In this kind season wey tough, we don manage to do well for FA Cup and we dey sweet us say we don go far, this competition dey very special, no other be like am. We wan enter Wembley twice this season onto say the stadium dey bubble gan, plenty emotions full am. 

However, before we go fit play Everton for FA Cup, we gots focus on Crystal Palace for Premier League. Na our next match this Wednesday and we gots win am onto say we dey fight for Champions League next season. We dey play the match for our house (Old Trafford) and we go like play well infont of our fans: e sure us say the energy from the stadium go ginger us that day. As the crowd go dey behind us, e go fit ginger us to knack Crystal Palace but e no go easy sha, Palace bin draw 1-1 against Arsenal for Emirates. 

We dey gingered for the two matches wey we get this week after d way we take knack Aston Villa. Last week bin dey very positive for us and e don boost our moral. Villa na team wey get plenty history, dem don carry European cup before self, and dey don do well for England before before. No be the last match wey make dem relegate sha, na everything wey dem don do for the last 33 matches wey dem play we cause am. However, e no dey nice to see say person relegate after you knack dem. To relegate no nice at all, i don experience am before. 

Once again, i wan thank all of una wey dey support my YouTube channel. I wan encourage una to dey comment so e go dey ginger me to tell una the things wey i love about football. 

Make we hug, 



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