Players report card (ManUtd vs Everton) FACup

See as Wembley scatter 

Glory, Glory ManUtd
Glory, Glory ManUtd

We are the famous ManUtd and we are on our way to Wembley, Wembley, Wembley…………

The game against Everton na one of the tough games we don play this season. Na FACup and we know say na the only trophy wey remain for us to win be dis.

The match start well and the two teams put body but na we first knack dem akpako when
Fellaini tear dem pant. We come carry dem handicap 1 as Smalling score goal for dem after we see say the thing hard dem small.
Dem don dey prepare to play extra time or penalty na that time Martial just finish dem off for dying minutes and na so our return ticket to Wembley still dey valid.

For this game, LVG do many wrong things as me I take see am cos the game no suppose hard us like this.

Na the players report card be this. Make una enjoy am

DeGea : my man of the match. He save Lukaku penalty and he save our yansh when Lukaku be Wan score self. For me I give am 8.

Smalling : apart from that own goal, wey I no fit blame am for self. He do really well for the game. I give am 7

Blind : he try well as he follow dey launch ball from defence go front. He also try Mark Lukaku when he see say he Wan cause wahala. I give am 7

Fosu-mensah : ẹ be like say the match pass him power today. He no move as he dey do and he make some mistakes. The penalty dey harsh but as he commot e good make he no disturb am. I go give am 5

See as our Fans wan craze as we score winning goal

Rojo : him defend well but him main problem na when he go support attack. Him cross na try your luck. He no dey target anybody at all.  I give am 6

Carrick : see ehn, na rubbish he play. Just to do face like say him never chop for 3days. He slow our game down, he no dey mark, he no dey run. I give am 5

Fellaini : as usual, him own problem na pass. He almost let them score us even tho na him still go defend the ball. We thank am for the goal sha. I give am 6

Rooney : father Xmas. Rooney just dey fling long range pass for anybody wey raise hand. He really help control the game for midfield and push attack. I give am 7

Lingard : he dey everywhere for field dey do nothing. I give am 5

Martial : he really push forward but no be every time you go wan dribble. Sometimes just pass and open for shot. Na him ginger our attack sha,score our 2nd goal. I go give am 7

Rashford : him plan na to disgrace Jagielka. He Wan wound him and Stones. He really worry dem but he need to improve him decision making. I give am 6

Substitute :

Valencia : he hold that side as he block all the moves. He push go front but as dem block him BRT Lane, Wàhálà start. Anyway I give am 5

Herera : game changer. He win one professional foul and get one assist. If he no get that foul Barkeley for just stroll enter our post. Him assist self na ghen – ghen cos the ball don reach to give up but he still chook leg give Martial. I give am 7

Na the players report card be that, now we don get one hand for cup na to grab am with the second hand when we play final against person wey win between Crystal Palace and Watford.
I hope we go fit continue this form to enter the top four. Until the next game, make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND.


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