Juan Mata: FA Cup Final and We dey fight for Champions League 

My People how una dey, 

As una don reason am, this week make brain o! The last few days don dey very postive for the club and you fit see am for everybody face, as we dey carry out our daily activities, everybody just dey smile for our training complex… Last Saturday, we don wakka enter FA Cup final, we don put ice ontop our cake for this month of April wey we don win five out of the six matches wey we get. Make i talk truth, e be like the last two matches wey we win don put better smile ontop of our fans face. Una deserve the best. 

Last Wednesday, we knack Crystal Palace for Old Trafford, make i talk truth, the match sweet me gan, onto say we bin ball them wella. Honestly ehn, we play pass dem and as we collect three points, e dey important as we dey fight for top four. That night we try wella for defence, and dem no too see our pant. Na special match for Darmian. Darmian na my paddy and e dey work very hard, day after day. Him na one of the people you go see when u reach training ground for morning time, everybody dey happy for am. 

A few days wakka past, and on Saturday at Wembley, we don book our place for the FA Cup final wey go happen on the 21st of May, for stadium wey dey always bubble. The match bin make sense, na box-to-box, we both see chance… E bin dey interesting till match finish. We gots hail David de Gea and Anthony Martial. De Gea own, e save penalty wey dey fly enter post and Martial score goal for stoppage time, wey scatter everywhere for Wembley as everybody jolly. And i believe say una gots hail the whole team sha, everybody try, especially if u reason the fact say we don pass through many things this season. We don knack everybody wey we face for this competition and na how we take enter final, we gots enjoy am. To dey wakka enter Wembley, dey very very special. 

However, we sabi say the FA Cup final still dey far… Now we know say we get five matches remaining this season and we go like win all of them. The first match wey we get na next week Sunday against Leicester. Dem dey fight for the title and see how dem just destroy Swansea with confidence, e show say dem don dey good all season. As i don hail dem small, we gots collect three point for the match sha. The last time wey we play dem, e pain us gan, say we no win, now we gots knack dem so we go fit make our fans happy. Na only two matches wey we get for Old Trafford this season, against Leicester and our last match Bournemouth. We go face Norwich and West Ham in between (away match). But as i don yarn una before, the thing wey Ranieri’s team don do this season, i gots hail dem again. 

At this point, i just say make i hail Riyad Mahrez onto say e don win PFA player of the year, E deserve am. Hin left leg na die. I wan hail Deli Alli self for the young player of the year award and lastly i wan hail Izzy Christiansen, na she play pass for all women this year for their league. 

Ehen before i forget, i wan remind all of una say next week Thursday, 28th April, na my birthday. I go share something with una.. Na suprise, we don dey work on am for months. The day dey hungry me and i hope say e dey hungry una too. I go keep una posted. 

Make una enjoy una week. Make we hug, 


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