Five things wey we observe: Man United 1-1 Leicester City

Memphis think say e win penarity but ref say na free-kick

Manchester United and Leicester City bin play 1-1 for Old Trafford on Sunday. Na United first tear net, then Leicester con equalize before half-time. The person wey score for Man United na Anthony Martial while the person wey score for Leicester na Alex Morgan. As everything stand like this, our Champions League hope still dey alive onto say Southampton bin knack Manchester City 4-2. We dey four points behind Man City with 1 game in hand.

We wan sharply tell una the five things wey we observe for the match:

The first thing wey we observe be say this na one of the best matches wey Man United don play this season, especially for first half. Wayne Rooney try wella for midfield for this match… Fashi say dem no win, dem rily attack for the match but na that mumu Lingard and Baba Fella just dey spoil ball for front. Lingard no fit give person body, score one on one. na only dab e sabi. Fellaini go dey use hand control ball instead of chest. We no too play for second half sha but overall na good performance. 

The second thing wey we observe be say Memphis Depay try wella for the few minutes weye play. Mata and Herrera na the people wey we dey expect say go ginger for us as dem commot from bench but dem no too help us. Herrera self just dey throw error pass. When Memphis enter, everything wey e do for the match make sense (minus that freekick wey e play, we knack wall). Na him wey make Drinkwater collect red card and that ball suppose be penarity but na Ojoro ref do us.

The third thing wey we observe be say Leicester City bin worry us wella from set plays. The person wey struggle pass na Marcos Rojo, E no fit mark Alex Morgan at all. All the balls wey fly reach them, Morgan head am. Rjo just dey fall. We thank God say dem no score another header sha, dem too head balls for the match but the headers no too worry De Gea. na so so Over the bar, e dey fly go.

Wayne Rooney control midfield for Man United 

The fourth thing wey we observe be say Michael Carrick suppose dey warm bench for us. Na him wey cause the free-kick wey lead to the goal. Ball wey e suppose use head mark, e go use hin leg. If e know say e don old, make e rest so that Schneiderlin go dey start for us abeg. Hin matter don tire me. E too slo self. E go dey call for ball, when dey give am, e go lose am.

The last thing wey we observe be say Leicester City defenders bin use body bully Marcus Rashford out of the match. We no too see am for the match. Van Gaal for don commot am early and replace am with Memphis wey fit match their defenders (Operation Power for Power)


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