Players report card (ManUtd vs Leicester)


The match get as e be. Leicester dey run race to carry cup for our head for old Trafford, we dey run race to enter top 4 for next season UCL.

All the bad Belle people don line up to see say we lose the match bit as usual God no dey fall him pikin hand for enemy presence.

The two teams play ball and we both settle for draw. This one mean say our chance to enter top 4 don get small K-leg as we need to dey depend on other teams and begin do permutation like person wey Wan play pool.

Na the players report card be this, make una enjoy am.

DeGea : the goal wey he chop no be him fault at all. He make one or two good saves but no Wàhálà lefty for him side. I give am 6

Smalling : he cover him side well as he make sure say Ulloa and Okazaki no get chance worry us plenty. I give am 6

Blind : he put body for ball. I notice plenty of him direct passes from defence to attack. I give am 6

Valencia :if to say he fit his ginger as he do for our goal every time wey he make run go forward e for good. He need to dey deliver more of those type of runs and cross. I give am 6

Rojo: all him cross no get approval. He go run reach front just look up and cross go anywhere he like. Waste many good chance/cross. He leave our defence open self. Thank God referee no blow penarity for Mahrez. I give am 5

Lingard: he play one shot wey Fellaini chest down give am and he run with Simpson but they collect ball from am. After that one the rest Na gbara – gbàrà. I give am 5.

Carrick: I no see anything wey he bring for this game. I give am 4

Fellaini: he give Huth elbow and chest ball give Lingard. He win so e aerial balls for us self. I give am 5.

Martial: he no see many chances but the one he see he use am well. I give am 6

Rooney: he share love for anybody wey want with passes. He make some few mistakes but all in all I give am 6

Rashford : our midfield no help am at all. The times wey he get ball self na mostly from rebound. He no really enter the game well. I give am 5

Substitute :

Mata : he no add any thing to the game. I no dey surprised sha.  I give am 4

Herrera : na him surprise me pass. I expect am to turn things around for midfield but he no dey at all. I give am 4

Memphis: he try do some dazzle and razzle. He for win us penarity but referee deny am say na free kick. I believe say if na him enter when Mata or Herrera enter he for make better impact. I give am 5

Anyway na the Players report card be that. Our next game na against Norwich. Until then, make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND


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