West Ham match na Win or Die!


We know say top four battle dey our hand and we gats win our remaining matches if we really wan qualify for champions league. Man City draw against Arsenal yesterday which means say if we win our remaining matches, we go qualify for champions league.

Me sef dey talk say I no dey sure say we go qualify for champions league because of the wey LVG dey handle our matter, una see the way we perform for our last match? E pain me die sef, the match frustrate my life and I feel say if we continue to play like that, we no go win our remaining games. Our two remaining games na against West Ham and Bournemouth.

The way LVG dey handle our starting lineups no good at all, oya see our last match; Rooney, Mata, Herrera and Lingard start match the same time we con think say the game go make sense because all of them na playmakers but the wey the match turn out ehn, e be like say na small pikin dey play. Lingard no be first team material, I don dey talk am since and e suppose dey sit down for bench, I no just know why Van Gaal dey play am, the guy no do anything for our last match, e just dey run around like oluku.

We don dey hear tori say Mourinho go soon take over Manchester United when season end but we never confirm, people dey kukuma fear say LVG go still dey if e make top four and also win the FA Cup. So if na true that means say LVG go do everything to make sure say e win West Ham tomorrow wey be Tuesday. But if at all e wan win this match, we suppose lineup to win West Ham?


Schneiderlin na one of the best defenders Premier league bin get that’s why United sign am, but e be like say LVG no like the guy at all, because e no make sense. You check am na, Carrick wey fit comot at the end of the season dey see match pass person wey go dey here long term, e no make sense, and no be say Carrick dey ball pass am o, Schneiderlin dey ball well a anytime dem put baba for pitch but we dey all wonder why e no dey start. Me I feel say if we wan win West Ham, we gats start am.

Herrera no too ball well for our last match, e no fit create something with Rooney, Mata and Lingard, e just dey run everywhere dey misplace passes. Even if e no play well against Norwich, I dey expect am to start sha because e dey tackle sometimes and no be every time e dey play yama yama football.

Anthony Martial bin no play our last game because e get small wound for lineup and LVG feel say make e rest small because e no wan risk am. Memphis wey replace Martial for that Norwich game play like my grand papa, the guy no even know how to use em leg again, baba don go carry tattoo full leg. So if Martial dey fit, e suppose start ahead of Memphis because the guy dey ball when we need am the most.

Daley Blind  no play last match because e don too play games this season and LVG feel say e for rest am for that Norwich game. So I dey expect Blind to come back to the team come partner with Smalling against West Ham because two of them na rock o, Rojo wey bin replace am try sha but e make some kind mistake wey Blind no go make.

Rashford bin rest too because we dey save am for the West Ham game, the smallie don try for us too much and I feel say e go make sense if em start against West Ham. Rooney bin replace am upfront for our last match but e no dey sharp, so we for like see Rashford back for the team.

Rooney and Mata  suppose play the game too, that means make Lingard sit down for benc because e no dey help the team at all. Make Rooney play number ten position while Herrera partner with Schneiderlin. Mata fit manage that right wing position where em go dey connect with Valencia.

Darmian bin injure for our last match, but if em dey fit, I for like am to play because em dey play well oh until injury finish am. Rojo dey ball too but sometimes e dey make yeye mistakes, so if Darmian dey fit, na em for start.

If all the players I don call here play against West Ham, e sure me die say we fit win the match, but the question be say whether LVG go gree hear word play the right people?

Wetin you think?

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