Five things wey we observe as West Ham knack Manchester United 3-2

Anthony Martial na the outstanding player of the night

Our Champions League fate don commot for our hands o as West Ham knack us 3-2, now e dey Swansea City’s hands. But make i dey honest, i no believe say Swansea fit knack Man City for that last match. Things don bad wella onto say even if Man City draw, dem don qualify, our goal difference na error.

We wan sharply tell una the five things wey we observe for the match:

The first thing wey we observe be say the only people wey play well for Manchester United na Anthony Martial and Wayne Rooney. Smallin try small. The rest no try at all at all. Anthony Martial tear net two times for United. Rooney on the other hand, na the only person wey ginger for midfield. 

The second thing wey we observe be say Ander Herrera and Schneiderlin combination na error last night. That first half last night na complete rubbish. Herrera just dey fall up and down. Schneiderlin no even mark anybody. E no sabi pass, e no sabi carry ball ginger. We no even sabi wetin e do exactly for first half last night. Michael Carrick bin balance game small for second half but Herrera con dey foul everybody. na hin West Ham use advantage score us. Ander Herrera na the worst United player of the night. Van Gaal self dey craze onto say e no commot am early.

The third thing wey we observe be say Daley Blind and Marcos Rojo dey sleep for field last night. Una see that onside wey Daley Blind play Carroll?..Carroll con go miss one on one. Blind also bin play West Ham onside for one of their goals self. The guy no help matters at all. Na only Smalling dey defend with hin head but all d times wey their crosses no reach Smalling side, na problem for us.

The fourth thing wey we observe be say Juan Mata na good player but no be the kind player wey suppose dey play right wing for United. Imagine if na Ronaldo/Mahrez or person wey fast wey dey play right wing for us? We for don see more chances. Man United gots enter market buy better wingers if dem wan compete next season. This season no be am.

The last thing wey we observe be say Louis van Gaal na tactical moron.


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