Police cancel Man United v Bournemouth: Evil people bin wan blow up Old Trafford

Manchester United and Bournemouth match no happen again as evil people bin wan blow up Old Trafford

Today wey we think say we go watch our side fight for top four against Bournemouth. Na hin some evil people bin plant bomb for Old Trafford. At first, we think say na joke, but the speakers con dey shout ‘Code Red’ and Police wakka enter stadium, con tell fans say make dem wakka commot, everybody eye open.

Police bin carry dog enter the stadium to investigate

At first, The FA bin talk say the match go dey delayed by 45 minutes but as dem see say the matter dey very serious, dey con talk say make Manchester United and Bournemouth abandon the match. 

Bomb Squad bin land for Old Trafford. Mobile phone bin follow for d bomb self, whether na to control d bomb, we no sabi.

This na wetin Ander Herrera yarn ontop the matter:

“We dey siddon for dressing room and e be like say na we go leave the stadium last. but as we dey siddon for dressing room, fear dey catch us, our mind no dey at rest.”

Bomb Squad bin carry the bomb commot – everybody dey safe

Memphis Depay dey wakka commot from stadium with swagg

GMP don talk say na fake bomb wey person plant for Old Trafford

Police Experts don finish their assessment on wetin dem think say na bomb. Dem talk say na fake bomb, say e no fit blow anything at all at all. Dem still dey search Old Trafford sha.



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