Five things wey we observe as Manchester United knack Crystal Palace 2-1 for FA Cup Final

Wayne Rooney don lift hin first FA Cup title 

Manchester United don carry FA Cup title on Saturday after dem knack Crystal Palace 2-1. The match bin no dey easy but dem no give up and dem dey determined to carry the cup, na how dem take win.

Na Crystal Palace score first for the 78th minute through Jason Puncheon , then Juan Mata con equalize for United for the 81st minute. The match con wakka enter extra time and Jesse Lingard con score winning for the 110th minute.

We wan sharply tell una the five things wey we observe for the match:

The first thing wey we observe be say Wayne Rooney na Bad baddo baddest abeg! E help us wella. We see am for midfield, defence and e con ginger for attack too. Na the man of the match but hin greatest impact na when e ginger after Puncheon score for Crystal Palace. E carry ball, send four players go message, before e con cross give Fellaini who head am down for Mata, wey tear net. Rooney bin ginger onto say e bin wan win hin first FA Cup title and e don finally lift am.

Juan Mata tear net for the final, na him equalize for United after Puncheon tear net

The second thing wey we observe be say Alan Pardew bin think say e dey inside club after Crystal Palace tear net. Thank God say no be person wey wey dance first for Final dey win match (Daniel Sturridge bin dance first for Europa League final but na Sevilla carry up and Alan Pardew bin dance first FA Cup final but na Man United carry cup.).. Come self, i no even know why e dey dance, like say e don watch the match before and na dem win. God open hin eye after United knack dem 2-1.

Alan Pardew dey dance after Crystal Palace tear net

The third thing wey we observe be say Jesse Lingard don finally upgrade hin status from ‘E remain small e for score’ to ‘E sabi shatter net in style’. Everybody sabi say e don miss many chances this season. Some of them wey e bin suppose score but last night, as that ball con meet am, e use vess tear net. Him self know say the goal mad gan, na why e no dab.. E run, commot hin shirt, slide..The whole Stadium scatter self.

Jesse Lingard tear net – Nobody believe am

The fourth thing wey we observe be say Manchester United bin play well for first half for the Final (Martial Header knack bar, Fellaini’s shot self knack bar) but dem con struggle for second half small as dem no too create chances. Even for first half of extra time, as Smalling con collect red card, Crystal Palace con get advantage to carry the cup but na serious determination wey give Red Devils this cup.

David de Gea bin try for this shot wey e save 

The last thing wey we observe be say Louis van Gaal bin dey tactically wise for the final. When e commot Rojo for Darmian, when e commot Rashford for Young and when e con commot Juan Mata for Jesse Lingard (Our match winner.)… Even after Smalling collect red card, him and Giggs con join heads together and dem send Darmian go centreback make e partner Daley Blind while na Ashley Young play LB… For the match, Young bin enter as ST, e con move go LW, later e con play LB.

Wetin you think?

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