How Everything Take Happen: palace 1- manutd 2

Na Jesse Lingard score winning goal for Manchester United

Our 12 years wait to win the FA cup finally end yesterday, after our team play fine football to come from behind win the match.

Jason puncheon na first score late for second but manutd show say dem nor de give up as dem fight come score back after three minutes as mata score for 81mins. Smalling collect red card for second half of extra time before jesse lingard”remain small e for score” come finally score the winning goal.

Make we forget say our premier league season nor make sense o, but this FA cup na better chance for everybody for the club but fans to celebrate as the last time we win am na against millwall for 2004.

The last time manutd and palace play for final na 1990, but na the two managers wey be de coach that year carry the trophy comot: sir Alex and steve copell. The match delay to start because of the electric performance wey tinnie tempah do with the full brass ban and choir.

Many people talk say manutd go hold ball pass and na so the game go for the opening minutes of the second half as we de force shot on target through Rashford , fellani and rooney. Palace show say dem sabi counter attack for the 18min as conor wickham dribble blind and smalling to play the ball pass David de Gea before e hear whistle say ref been don blow for one foul wey happen outside the box. Na lucky moment for us be that. Juan mata make their keeper make better save and fellani too get close chance to score as dem deflect e header. Rashford wey play well for the semi final too play well yesterday as e be won finish soquare with better leg over to find martial buh ward clear the ball. The first half end 0-0.

David de Gea and Van Gaal dey yori yori after match

We for score for the 53min as fellani de show say e good as baba call am back to the team as e struggle pass e marker come fire shot off the post. Our fans squeeze face for that miss but minutes later martial too time e header but the ball too hit post.

As one hour reach for the clock the match come turn physical combat as our left marcos rojo na first suffer the thing as e injure as e collide with delaney, na darmain come replace am for the match buh sharp sharp too Rashfor too injure as cacbaye stud land for e left leg.

Wahala for the 78mins as sub wey enter for second half puncheon fire shot wey tear our net, buh sharply three minutes later our captain run with ball dribble pass three people  come cross for fellani as fellani drop the ball for mata to fire tear their net 1-1.

The match enter extra time, as rooney too continue to perform for both end of the pitch, first e slide zaha to deny as goal scoring chance before e try to curve the ball from 25yards out, Bolassie too get chance to score and na em smalling foul to collect e secind yellow card of the match to make us finish with 10men.

Baba Philo dey celebrate after Lingard tear net

Palace pill pressure as dwight gayle nor find play ball pass our keeper, buh na our academy gradute jesse lingard na pull e right leg for one better volley to tear thier net and to secure our 12FA cup trophy. The match end 2-1, favor of united.




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