Manchester United Capo: When i be pikin, i bin dey watch FA Cup final, now i don win am

Wayne Rooney don carry hin first FA Cup title

Wayne Rooney, wey don lose for two FA Cup finals before before, bin no fit hide hin joy after Manchester United knack Crystal Palace for Wembley on Saturday.

‘No be small thing o,’ Na wetin United and England Capo yarn after hin side don win their 12th FA Cup. ‘Na competition wey i don love since i be small pikin. I go jolly tonight o, no time.’

Na Wayne Rooney set up the goal wey Juan Mata score after e send about four players for Crystal Palace go message, this na wetin e yarn: ‘The game bin show say Premier League no be small thing. I just wan hail Palace who struggle when season bin wan end, but we bin work hard o and na the fact say we bin dey hungry for the cup, na why we knack dem.’

Wayne Rooney poses his children with the FA Cup after saying victory had fulfilled his childhood dream

Wayne Rooney bin carry the trophy go house. E happy gan

Jesse Lingard came on to score an extra-tie winner in the 2-1 defeat of Crystal Palace at Wembley

Na Jesse Lingard score winning goal for the 110th minute

Louis van Gaal dey jolly after Lingard tear net

Manager Louis van Gaal, bin dey under plenty pressure before this match start onto say hin season no make sense, this na wetin e yarn: ‘E make sense say we don carry this cup o, for the people wey dey support us, for the club, and for me self. Now i don carry cup for four countries (Holland, Spain, Germany and England) How many managers don do am? , so e sweet me.’

‘When you see the way we take reach this final ehn – West Ham bin dey lead us, we con come from behind, We bin tear net against Everton for the last minute and here we bin dey down to ten men. The kind spirit wey we get ehn make brain ontop say e dey hard make 10 men knack 11 men.’

Jesse Lingard bin score goal for extra time for Man United, even after United bin dey down to ten men. Chris Smalling bin collect red card for the 105th minute.

Van Gaal still wan yarn: ‘The match bin dey hard, ontop say we bin play ball on Tuesday evening, so we deserve am, as we take knack dem. The winning goal mad gan.’

Lingard bin talk say e pain am say e start for bench, but e talk say as e score winning goal, e don fashi say e no start match.

‘If person dey warm bench, e gots dey ready,’ na wetin Lingard yarn. ‘God i thank you o.’ Ontop say e score mad goal, Lingard still wan yarn: “I bin see as Valencia cross, and as dem block am back, d ball drop well for me. The only thing wey i gots do na to light the ball and i thank God say i do am.’


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