Juan Mata’s Blog: Una deserve am (FA Cup) -We go jam next season

Juan Mata tear net against Crystal Palace

Una deserve am! #NaWeBeUnited

Manchester United Capo: When i be pikin, i bin dey watch FA Cup final, now i don win am

How Everything Take Happen: palace 1- manutd 2

Five things wey we observe as Manchester United knack Crystal Palace 2-1 for FA Cup Final

My People, how una dey,

Na my first trophy with United, E don happen at last! E bin take long for the club to carry the FA Cup again, tournament wey special gan, last Saturday we don finally don am….E dey really sweet me say we fit win this cup for una, after una don stick beside us throughout the whole season. My head dey swell. Una deserve am, sure sure. The road to final bin no dey easy at all. And we fit talk say the final against Crystal Palace bin no dey easy. The match make brain, na the way big final suppose be. For all of una wey sabi English football wella, no be new thing wey i dey yarn, una sabi as finals for Wembley take be. The stadium bin bubble gan. As we don already watch, The FA Cup na something wey we no fit forget. The things wey happen before match start, the tension wey dey people body as match dey go on… E sweet me say i don enter FA Cup final twice and i carry am on both occasions. E dey make my head swell. 

10 minutes before match finish, the match con dey different after Puncheon tear net and we no con get too mush time. We get luck say Wayne Rooney destroy their midfield, e con cross give Fellaini wey chest ball, and i con tear net, carry match enter extra-time. Things bin dey complicated after Small O collect red card, but then e con happen: Jesse score goal wey make brain gan, and na how we take carry the title and finish the season. As i take celebrate title with una, e sweet me o. Our Premier League campaign bin no dey easy. We pass through plenty difficult times but we bin no give up. na how we take carry trophy. I dey reason say we gots respect the FA Cup more onto say the last time wey we win am before this season na 12 years ago.

Juan Mata dey happy say e carry FA Cup with Man United

I thank una for support. Now i gots rest, commot mind from football, so i go fit recharge my battery for next season.


Make we hug,



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