Memphis Depay don speak out on his last season performance


Memphis bin struggle for hin first season but e get belief say e go improve next season 

Memphis Depay don sharply go do interview ontop hin first season performance with Manchester United. Everybody sabi say e struggle for hin first season for United, sote e miss FA Cup final as Louis van Gaal no put hin name for squad list.

This na wetin e yarn for the interview sha:

“The year no bad sha, and the year no good too. E be one kind kind, i go talk say my year dey siddon for middle (between good and bad). Una sabi now, i bin dey expect more for myself, fans self bin dey expect more. na normal thing. The experience wey i don get this year dey very important. Sometimes, i bin make mistakes, sometimes, i no play well for match. Then i go warm bench. Na new thing for me o, last season, i bin dey play and score every match for PSV, and this season na 50/50. Na 50% of the matches wey i don play. Some matches self, i bin warm bench for 90 minutes, na new thing for me, e hard for me to take. E vess me, make i no life. But person gots believe in himself onto say you gots belive in yourself first before other people go believe in you. Sometimes, e dey hard sha. Me i still dey young, i be only 22. I no go give up. I believe say i go make am. I dream am, i go achieve am.”

Memphis dey train with Netherlands


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