Rio Ferdinand: Jose Mourinho na our manager – e sweet me

Manchester United don appoint Jose Mourinho as their manager

Rio Ferdinand don sharply confirm ontop hin twitter, say Manchester United don appoint Jose Mourinho as their manager.

This na wetin Ferdinand yarn ontop the matter:

I just wan hail Jose Mourinho ontop say dem don announce am as the manager of the biggest club wey dey this world!

This na one of the sweetest and hardest job wey e don get for hin life. E gots dey motivate, dey ginger all the players, plus everybody wey dey work with the club day to day. E gots make everybody believe say Man United na winning team, e dey important. E also gots do am in the Manchester United way, e dey very very important.

I don hear many people dey yarn say Mourinho own style no be Manchester United way.. I just wan let una know say the Chelsea team wey e put together for hin first season as their manager bin play fast fast (attacking football)… When e get people like Robben and Duff back then, wey dey play wings, dem dey direct and quick.

This show say e fit make the team to knack ball the Manchester way.

Another thing wey people dey talk na say e no dey believe in youths, say e go destroy our tradition wey involve pikins, say e no give them time to play again…I no fit answer this question sha, na time go tell.

The only thing wey i fit talkna say Manchester United don get person wey sabi win gan gan. Hin CV dey speak clearly.

After the bad season wey e experience with Chesea last season, i fit assure una say this winner be like animal wey dem don wound go dey eager to restore hin image sharp sharp.

E dey hungry am to silence the media people wey bin dey write rubbish about am, E go dey very very focused.

Mourinho get huge image sha, e dey good for Manchester United, na wetin e don dey wait for since. I dey wish am all the best.







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