Manchester United don sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic aka Papa Ibro

Papa Ibro dey ready to destroy Premier League 

Manchester United don sign Papa Ibro for free after hin contract expire with PSG. The first person wey announce the matter na Zlatan, when e wakka ontop Instagram on Thursday talk say e dey join Red Devils but na on Friday wey United officially announce am. The contract wey Papa Ibro sign na one year. E fit extend am by one year sha.

Papa Ibro dey sign contract 

This na wetin Papa Ibro yarn ontop the matter:

“E sweet me die say i dey wakka enter Manchester United and i i go knack ball for Premier League. Wetin i dey talk be say, E dey hungry me to work with Jose Mourinho again. Him na manager wey sabi gan. I don jolly for football so far ehn, no be small thing.. Now i dey ready to carry titles for England.”

“E sweet me for body, i dey jolly. Last last i don finally show. Now we go start, and we go begin work hard. Now i fit chook eye for one thing, the United jersey wey i dey kack. E bin no hard me 2 choose Manchester United – i bin compare d whole thing 2 Mayweather – Pacquiao fight, People bin talk say e no fit happen. I dey reason say Premier League no go easy like that – I go work hard. I sabi how my brain dey ginger. I wakka enter here to win o, I no come here to waste time… No be Sky i come look for here. I no go give up until i win. This Stadium, no be small thing. Even the people wey dey support Manchester United get level. For all the people wey dey this world, na me jolly pass, but now ehn, sleep dey catch me.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic don sign one year contract with Manchester United 

Also, E sweet Zlatan say e don reunite with Jose Mourinho, this na wetin e yarn ontop the matter:

“Mourinho na winner, Me self na winner, Me and Am wan win, anywhere we go, we don win and we go win for here.”

Mouinho self as e dey Hot, don yarn ontop Papa Ibro. This na wetin e talk:

“Pesin wey get sense no go introduce Papa Ibro, look hin Stats nw, na FIRE. Ibro na one of d best strikers wey dey ds world. E sure me say hin skills go make fans jolly for Old Trafford next season.”

“As Papa Ibro don show, all our small pikins go carry biro and paper learn from am.



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