Ryan Giggs don wakka commot from Man United after 29 years

Ryan Giggs don wakka commot from Manchester United after 29 years

Ryan Giggs don finally gree say e go wakka commot from Red Devils. On Friday, Him and Manchester United bin gree say dem go settle am with better money as e dey pack hin load commot.

As we dey observe everything as e dey happen, e be like say Manchester United go soon release official statement ontop the matter very soon.


Ryan Giggs don carry 57 trophies for Manchester United

The Welshman don dey Manchester United for 29 years. For that 29 years ehn, e knack ball for dem, e coach dem, and e also turn assistant manager self. Him na the most decorated British player, nobody don achieve pass am. 

Giggs, talk say e dey pain am, the way the board dey handle United since wey Sir Alex Ferguson wakka commot three years ago, na why e wan vess commot.

Ryan Giggs fit wakka go manage Nottingham Forest or Bolton

Ehen, As United tell am say e no go be Assistant Manager to Jose Mourinho, say make e manage our academy, E vess talk say e wan leave, go manage another club.

This na wetin Ryan Giggs yarn ontop the matter:

“No be small matter for me at all at all, say i dey wakka commot from the club wey i don dey all my life, since wen i be 14. The time don reach for me to wakka commot, go do another thing with my life. The future dey yori yori me.”

“I just wan hail Jose Mourinho ontop say e dey manage the biggest club wey dey this world. Na only few people wey don win many many for top level and Baba Special na one of dem. E sure me say the fans go do am well.”

E no shock me say Jose Mourinho no make Giggs hin assistant manager sha, na how Mourinho dey do, e dey bring hin own people anytime e dey wakka enter new club.

We dey hear say Bolton and Nottingham Forest dey fight for Giggs, as dem two go like make e manage them. Giggs fit don follow one of them talk but e no wan loud am yet.

This na wetin Ed Woodward yarn ontop Giggs:

“We go miss am o but anytime wey e wan come back, we go welcome am.”

Steve Round wey be former assistant manager for the club don yarn ontop the whole mater self, this na wetin e talk:

“Now Ryan Giggs don see chance to wakka commot from Manchester United, wakka enter another club, turn manager… E fit begin manage another club, e fit work on himself so e go improve, e fit turn person wey sabi lead wella. If e fit succeed n i dey pray make e do am, who wan talk say e no fit waka enter back United in five or six yrs time?… Na who talk say Giggs no fit return to United??…. If e don gain managing experience, e fit take over from Jose Mourinho.”


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