Jose Mourinho: We wan win everything next season

baba special

Jose Mourinho dey ready to fight for Premier League title this season 

Jose Mourinho don do hin first press conference as Manchester United manager on Tuesday. As e don return back from hin holiday, work don begin o. E wan carry Manchester United enter back where dem belong.

This na wetin Jose Mourinho yarn:

“I don show for club wey dey hard yarn about. No be dream wey i dey dream so, Na real life. This na the kind job wey everybody go like get and na me get am! But Fashi, the work no dey fear me at all at all. I dey manage d biggest club wey dey dis country, so why i go wan dey look oda small clubs? abeg o, we go chook eye on out matter”

“E dey pain me small say we no dey Champions League. This club carry weight pass me self – Manchester United na Champions League club. Now we go work, so we go fit try wakka enter back Champions League, We go do well for Europa League, but we go like win am self. For July 2017, We gots make sure no be Europa League draw we dey wait. Tufia!”

“My body dey do me like say i don dey set, e calm n my moral dey high. Na where i wan be i dey so, na this club i wan dey. Na everytin i want, i wan knack pple dey go, i wan ball, i wan give small pikins chance, i wan make fans yori yori for our matter. I wan make fans dey our back for d last 10 mins wen we dey purshue better thing (result) or wen we dey defend better tin.”

Baba Special dey happy as e dey manage the biggest team for UK

As una sabi say Manchester United don already sign Eric Bailly and  Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Jose Mourinho also talk say United go soon announce the Third player wey we don sign. This na wetin e yarn ontop the matter:

“Na People wey sabi knack ball we dey sign. Na four we bin want and we don get three already. E remain one pesin. We must get am. After we don sign d fourth person, then i go fit balance well. We no wan wait till 31st August. We wan snatch am before that time go reach.”

Those of una wey talk say Jose Mourinho no dey give small pikins chance. E don silence una, this na wetin e yarn:

“Una sabi how many small pikins i don promote from academies?? Na 49 o. I don give 49 pikins chance.”

E never tey wey Ryan Giggs wakka commot from Manchester United, many people bin dey ask why but e no gree talk. Mourrinho talk say Giggs bin wan manage United but dem no gree give am the job, na why e vess commot.

Jose Mourinho talk say e no purshue Ryan Giggs

“No be me una go blame say Ryan Giggs no dey here. The job wey Ryan bin want na to Manage Manchester United, but na me the club pick. If e go like come back work with me, i go accept am.”

Jose Mourinho ontop Rooney: “E don change as years dey wakka pass but hin ginger never change. E no go play as No.6 for me.”


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