Raiola don dey change mouth – Pogba no dey commot from Juventus

Paul Pogba play rubbish as Portugal knack France 1-0 for Euro 2016 Final

Manchester United don dey purshue Pogba and the way the whole thing be now ehn, e don tire person. We just dey go front and back for the matter. 

Paul Pogba wey play rubbish on Sunday night as Portugal take knack France for their backyard don yarn say him no wan commot Juventus. E no use hin mouth talk am, na Raiola, the person wey dey manage am, talk am.

This na wetin Raiola yarn ontop the whole matter wey consign Pogba:

“Too many people dey yarn ontop Paul O, where hin dey go, but i dey reason say e no dey commot from Juventus. Him no dey rush to wakka enter another place, and Juventus no wan make e commot self. Dem wan make e renew hin contract.” 

“E no dey hungry Paul O to go anywhere. We dey jolly for Juventus n dem na club wey dey like use glue hold their star players.”

Some Manchester United fans dey thank God say e no wan come self as dem dey reason say £100m too much for am, say wetin happen.. Money wey we fit use buy the whole Tottenham Squad and change go remain. 

5 thoughts on “Raiola don dey change mouth – Pogba no dey commot from Juventus

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