Smalling: We gots start strong – Top teams go begin fear us

E dey Hungry Chris Smalling to enter China 

Chris Smalling talk say e believe Manchester United players gots do well for Pre-season so team go dey fear dem when dey wakka enter 2016/17 Premier League season. 

The Reds don dey prepare very well for the matches wey dem go play this summer. Man United go soon wakka enter China go do Tour wey Aon organise. Jose Mourinho and hin men go face Borussia Dortmund for Shanghai on 22 July, then after three days wakka past, them go face Manchester City for Beijing.

Smalling bin follow for the pre-season ball wey happen last  year, wey Red Devils wakka enter United States. Last season, e play wella, e improve gan. Fashi say e play rubbish for Euro 2016, him na player wey don step up.

Manchester United: Chris Smalling no wound for water, e go chop yama yama food (poison) 

Small O don yarn ontop the fact say United go face Dortmund and City for pre-season.

“The tour go test us o, and e dey give us chance to play ball against Top teams wey sabi,” na wetin Smalling yarn.

“We gots start well from start, we gots reach the kind level wey na we go dey pieces top teams, so  e make sense as we dey play dem early for pre-season.”

E don dey hungry the defender to wakka enter China for other things self. The fact say e go get the chance to meet Manchester United fans wey be Chinko, wey loyal gan, dey make am happy.

“I fit still remember the time wey we go Asia, e never too tey like that, the way dem take receive us ehn, i no believe am, e make brain,” Smalling strill dey yarn.

“E dey hungry us to meet fans, especially the ones wey fit die ontop our matter, the ones wey we no fit see every week. The ones wey we dey follow relate on social media. The fact say we fit travel there, go greet them, make sense. E go ginger us, this trip go make sense.”

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