How we con take rate Baba Special yi new signings?


Eric Bailly, Papa Ibro and Mita Mita go help Manchester United fight for Premier League title next season

As baba special don con show for Theatre of Dreams all we Manschi fans come dey happy. Me sep my body just dey do joli joli. Last season baba philo wan con give mansnchi fans high blood.. Na so so loss and draw we just dey do. In the end sha, yi con try yin best..we win FA Cup at least even as we no enter champions league. Baba Woodward con vex pack baba philo yin bags then bring baba special.

As baba Special waka enter yin look squad see plenty carpenters wey full everywhere. Shae na carpenters dey play football? Yin con dey bring yi own players wey yi like pass (Bailly, Zlatan and Mkhi). Na hin way we decide say make we rate yin players wey yi con buy.

How we dey rate Bailly..Eric Bailly na Ivorian boy wey sabi defend pass. Yin be dey play for Villarreal before baba special buy am for almost 30 mil pounds. Me sep no go lie the money plenty wella but as all we sabi, transfer market don kpeme. Shae wanna know say Bournemouth sign Jordan Ibe from Liverpool for 15 mil bah??? Omo laugh con kill me as i hear am..Shuuu….it no consign me at all.. Make we go back for Bailly i be dey talk, the guy get body wella, yin fast, yin too dey tchuk head and body for everywhere, and sabi play plenty positions for defense. But he still raw sha and yin decision making no too good like, i say make i give am 6.5-7/10.

Manchester United players don dey train – Work don resume, Baba Special no dey play

Baba Ibrakata (Zlatan). Hmmmmmm…Omo i dey fear rate this guy ooh.. I hear say yi get belt for martial arts..Baba Ibrakata too mussccch..This guy don win league title for everywhere yin don play; Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France and England….Oh! mistake ohh..England no con dey dat list. I just put am deere because i dey hope yin go win for us too. last season Ibrakata off defenders pants for French league and Champions league. Yin just dey score for fun. yin score 47 goals and 13 assists for french league and cup last year sep, and den carry the two cups. As hin b be free agent, Baba Special steal am bring for us. E get as yi be i must rate am too shae? Ibrakata na world class player and go help us well, especially Rashi Rashi and Martial. but ehh..Ibrakata don tear calendar well ohh, hin go be 35 this October. some people don dey doubt if yi age go affect am for this league …We rate am 8-8.5/10 sha…age matter well for this one..

E dey pain Jose Mourinho – United no sharp, dem don miss out on Renato Sanches

Baba Mkhi aka Mita Mita…chaiiiiiiii..Dere is God ooohhhh. This wan yin name hard pass mathematics. so i con decide say me i go  dey call him Mkhi, i no wan stress my brain. Mkhi na world class play maker..the boy too sabi..chaiii..hin too good. As baba special capture him from Dortmund i just dey shout everywhere for house. This guy ehh..hin go give assists pass dat mumu Ozil wey dey wear fake red (gooners)..and yin con sabi score wella. Last season alone, my guy score 19 goals give 15 assists and yin dey only 27. yin don ripe wella, get speed, night vision like Xavi, and yi sabi fire shot too.. I go rate him 9/10 sha.

Smalling: We gots start strong – Top teams go begin fear us

So, na our ratings be this for baba special yin new signings. we dey hope say others dey come in ohh. i hear say Pogba fit come for 100 mil pounds..chaaaaaiiii that money plenty ohh.. but it no consign me at all at all..If Ibe na 15 mil, Mane 30 mil and Sterling 50 mil then wet you expect..Opinions dey divided sha..some want Pogba, others no want him.

comment below tell us your thoughts on this Pogba deal. You like am? Wet you con think about our ratings? I dey mumu to rate am like that, or i do am confam?


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