“Cristiano Ronaldo na the person wey sabi knack ball pass for hin generation” Sir Alex Ferguson talk am.

Sir Alex Ferguson bin watch Euro final wen Portugal knack France 1-0 wey make Ronaldo win him first International trophy.

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo bin waka comot sake of say bad-belle Payet bin wound am, him still come out come ginger hin teammates wey make them knack France throway collect cup. E sure everybody die now say na him go win World-Best 2016.


Fergie, wey carry Ronaldo enter ManUnited in 2003 come de talk say na that ginger wey de inside the guy-man make am wetin him be today.

From Fergie own mouth, “This guy get ginger too mush. Him de always wan train. Him too like big matches. Him de always wan better pass as hin do before. Throughout I stay for Man United, na Ronaldo develop pass everybody. Him de always work on how hin go de shoot shots- left, right and centre. Even as hin de head ball today wey hin de hang for up, na training wey hin don de do since.”

Sir Alex come conclude say “Better players de play their ball highest 5 or 6 years then they go fade but Cristiano don de perform exceptionally since 10 years. Na him make am special for this generation.”


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