Eight Questions wey Jesse Lingard don answer ontop Manchester United Tour 2016

  • Manchester United FA Cup yansh burster Jesse Lingard bin do interview ontop how MU Tour 2016 go be.
  • As the presenter dey ask am the questions, e dey respond.
Jesse Lingard

Jesse Lingard dey do interview ontop Manchester United Tour 2016

First ehn, E dey hungry una to go China for Tour or abi e no dey hungry una? 
We don wakka go there before na, and everytime wey we go there e dey make brain. The fans there dey love o, dem love Manchester United wella and e good as we fit dash them better thing as we dey enter there to show dem love too. E go make sense for Manchester United pikins so dem go fit experience how the thinge be.

The way Asia dey show una love, how you see am? 
Dem love the club gan! E good as we go see the love with our eyes when we wakka enter there and as i don tell una before, we go dash dem better thing.

Shey you remember that time wey you wakka enter China for 2012 and you bin play as Manchester United knack Shangahi Shenhua 1-0?
I remember am na, e sweet us say we knack dem and e bin sweet us say we wakka enter Shanghai, the place make sense. We bin wakka wakka about for the city self, na nice place to go. E sweet me say i dey go there again.

You  don go Bejing before?
No jor, i neva go there before but i bin hear say dem get one big stadium for that side. E sure me say fans go yakpa for the stadium. The fact say the derby go happen for there na something wey we never experience before, e dey ginger us to knack ball for there.

Anytime wey person say ‘Pre-Season’, Where your mind dey go?
[E burst laugh] You go tear race. Na the koko be that. You gots show say you full ground, and you gots get yourself again before the season go start.

If person ask you to define good Pre-season, wetin you go talk? 
The koko na running o, you gots sabi tear race because you go like am if you fit last 90 minutes for the first match, and ball work dey important self onto say for whole summer, person never touch ball.

Jose Mourinho don ready for hin first game.

The training wey una dey do, e dey tough? 
Ehen na, e tough o and e hard but e good as e dey prepare us for the tour, e fit help us to full ground.

Out of everything wey dey happen for Tour, wetin you enjoy pass? 
To knack ball now, and e also make sense to wakka enter another country. And e dey also help small pikins to knack ball beside first team players.


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