Where be Henrikh Mkhitaryan Best Position?

Mita Mita go worry defence – make season start first

The latest person wey Manchester United sign, Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Mita Mita ) don play ball for many places (positions) for hin career so e mean say e dey help make Jose Mourinho work better, as Baba Special fit use am for anywhere as long as say na attack.

E dey hungry United Fans to see where Mourinho go use am, so e go fit balance wella, but the last three seasons wey Mita Mita play for Borussia Dortmund, show say hin best position na for wide area. Last year, Dortmund coachie bin dey switch am from right to left and e try gan for both positions.

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E bin play for Right-Wing for 24 matches, and for those matches, e tear net 10 times and e throw pass wey tear defence yansh wey another person use score 17 times. E bin play Left-Wing for 21 matches, and e tear net 12 times and e throw pass wey tear defence yansh 12 times. E bin play six times for attacking midfield position but for one match, e bin play as supporting striker… The match wey e play as supporting striker, Bayern Munich knack Dortmund 5-1 in October so e mean say e no too good for that side.

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For 2014/15, Mkhitaryan bin play more for right (22) than e do for left (16) but when e first begin dey knack ball for Armenia, na central attacking midfield hin dey play. E don play once for deep role for Dortmund but hin strength na when dem use am for attacking area, so e go dey worry defence.

Mita Mita bin play first half as Manchester United knack Wigan 2-0

At first, hin no be world class player, but the last few seasons wey e don knack for Dortmund ehn, e play like winsh. Before e enter Dortmund, e bin dey knack ball for Shakhtar Donetsk, and for there, na central attacking midfield hin dey play, e dey operate from middle. For this position, e bin prove say e get match sense and e sabi impact match wella.

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For hin country, hin sense, dem no fit hide am, e dey very obvious. Him na their main man, their capo, and e dey carry hin country on hin shoulders but e no get fixed role. The last four matches wey hin don play for hin country, e play for different positions (attacking midfield, central midfield, left wing and right wing). The two matches wey hin country play against Denmark in 2013 and 2014, e strike for centre.

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One thing dey sure, Mourinho no go use am as striker but e fit dey play am for wing so e go dey worry defence with hin winsh sense.


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