5 Areas Man United gots improve if them wan win Major titles this season

New season don almost show, all the teams dey ginger unto say them wan carry cup when season end. Nobody wan carry last (except Aston Villa, thank God say dem don carry bag comot EPL)

We for Man Utd, we no wan carry last. We wan win titles both for England and Europe. Na why we purshue Louis Van Gaal comot come put Jose Mourinho as coachie. But to win no be by changing coach, the players too gots improve. I don identify 5 areas wey Manchester United gots step up if we wan prove say we be champions.

Everything una gots know about the Man United transfers: Who dey come? who dey commot?

  1. Our attack been no score many goals last season. Na only Anthony Martial and  Marcus Rashford been turn up for that department. Wayne Rooney like say Old age don dey hold im body but him still get better mind for attack. The worse na Juan Ikeji (Mata), Jesse Lingard and Memphis depay (him own na to dey dribble himself dey fire shot go throwing). Those three no turn up at all! If we go win titles, these men gots step up. Abi na only Martial and Rashford go dey score? No!
  2.  Man Utd midfield no dey physical enough: Morgan Schneiderlin, Ander Herrera, Basti Schweinsteiger and Michael Carrick bin try last season but for some matches (especially for that 1st leg match vs Arsenal) their brain just knock. Dem chase shadow sotay dem tear our defence 3 times inside 20 minutes. We gots improve, make better tackles, choke them make so them no go see ball play. Na watin Atleti do Barca na.
  3. I no know where we go use Baba Fella (Fellaini). For no.10 role him no shine, for midfield him still no shine. Jose mourinho na coach wey be say if you no try 5 to 10 games you go die for bench. But the truth be say we need him height as man utd players no too tall. Dem go just dey use set piece dey tear our net. So baba Fella just gots up in game.
  4. For defence we solid die last season. Smalling and Blind partnership work wella. The only problem na RB, Matteo Darmian and Valencia no too impress me last season. Na that wing leak goals pass for defence. If we wan win games we gots dey kampe for defence. Thank God say Luke shaw don come back from injury.
  5. Tactically, Man Utd attack dey too predictable. Once ball reach opposition side na to give Martial sharp sharp make him send people father go message (like Skrtel). But no be every time e dey work. We gots dey attack from the right wing too. Lingard and Mata turn up or chop bench!

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