Jose Mourinho dey jolly ontop hin first Manchester United win

Jose Mourinho bin dey impressed with all hin players today 

Jose Mourinho talk say e sweet wella as e standa watch hin team Manchester United knack Wigan 2-0 for hin first match in charge. This na wetin e yarn for one interview wey e run after match…

I don win my first match o
“E sweet me die. The result no be the koko today sha but e dey always important to knack person. E bin sweet me ontop say somethings wey i teach them for training (for attack and defence) na wetin dem do for pitch today. Dey bin no dey perfect sha onto say na only 10 days wey we don train, some of them bin lack sharpness, and i bin see say some of them bin dey tire, dem never full ground yet. But i don see say dem dey ready to adapt to my style. E sweet me. Everybody knack ball and everybody try o.”

Manchester United too mush
“The best thing wey happen today na say people yakpa for Stadium and na only friendly match wey be like training session, but still many people show to come yori yori for our matter. They bin dey jolly for the match ontop say dem see as my players knack better ball today. As i don yarn for my press conference before, i go try my best to give them everything and e sure me say dem go continue to show the team love.”

Five Things wey we observe as Manchester United knack Wigan 2-0

I gots hail my new boys o 
“[Henrikh] Mkhitaryan na player wey get class and e don reach the best stage for football career – 27 years old. The way e take dey reason football matter make brain, e dey think fast and the way hin dey take touch ball dey sweet. He fit play for anywhere behind striker. E never get that sharpness yet sha but e bin play wella today. As for Eric Bailly (Baba B), the way fans take hail am as e dey commot show say dem know say e play well. I sabi say him na still pikin wey dey come from different environment, but you fit see say e still get am for body. I go try my best to improve am, the same way i don do with the defenders wey i don manage before. E don show say e get am for body, na why we buy am.”


Jose Mourinho bin standa throughout the whole match

Our small pikins dey show signs say dem fit blow
“Some people dey play 90 minutes, others dey play for one minute. For Axel Tuanzebe, 10 minutes bin dey enough [e burst laugh]. E get potential, you fit see am. Una sabi am pass me as una don sabi am for many years, na only few weeks wey i don sabi am, but anybody wey watch am for only 10 minutes, go sabi say e know how to play ball. Andreas Pereira sabi ball. E get vision and e get skill. Our pikins try today.”


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