Our Weekly Tori Review: Manchester United talku talku

For this our column, we go de review the tori them wey happen last week and the things wey we go de expect for the coming week on top ManUnited matter. We go also review rumours them wey we de hear.


Andreas Pereira score mad goal against Wigan 

First, our players them start training last week. They also bin play their first match. 22 players bin participate for the training and this bin surprise some people unto say 14 other players bin de holiday due to Euro and Copa wey they bin play.

On Saturday, we come play Wigan. Wigan chop 2-0 sha. But the main thing na the fitness and the match rhythm wey the players don de get small small. The match bin see 2 of the new players- Bailly and Mikhi- shine wella. Mikhi been knack better ball for first half; even Bailly been surprise Baba Special with him own performance- the guy bin even de do person overhead sef. Anyway, Will Keane and Pereira bin score the goals. Luke shaw wey neva play ball for 10 months follow play ball. Him own performance no even show say him miss 10 months. Overall, Baba Special bin happy with our players.


Manchester United players bin return back to training – work don resume

This week wey we de enter, we de go China. Our players them wey no join last week go join go China. They no go play sha but they go de look. For there we go play against Borussia Dortmund and ManCity. We de expect say we go win. Make we de look out for formations, different ways we go de react to different circumstances for the matches. Make we see how we go de mark, hold possession, slow game down, up the tempo wen we need to and also how Baba special go de look the opposing managers. I de hope say we go de happy after every match.


Jose Mourinho don dey reason Andreas Pereira matter

For rumours them wey we hear, last week, Pogba matter continue. Some talk say we de close to sign am, others talk say Baba Special de confident say him don get am, while others also talk say the deal still far. But Pogba current coach bin tal say him no de go anywhere. As him talk am finish, e no tey wen him come talk again say “joining ManUnited go be step down for Pogba”. Abeg any ManU fan wey de Turin make him help me slap Allegri. So if Pogba no de go anywhere, wetin concern am with stepup and stepdown? Anyway I feel say him bosses don tell am to shutup. Another rumour wey we bin hear na say Joe Allen (Yes that one wey you sabi) fit go ManU. I come de ask myself “As cleaner or as barber or as wetin?” Because me I sure say na yeye journalists them wan use that one sell paper sha.

Juan Mata don respond to Transfer News: Dey use your brain, no believe amebo people

So for this week sha, we go like make the “fourth signing” wey Bab special bin de talk make them complete am so that him go follow them start training sharply before season go start because time no de again. And the way wey people de write yeye news now, if the deal no happen quickly, we fit de get reports say we wan sign Rory Delap. So we de expect better news this week on top signings.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic don react to wetin Eric Cantona talk – I Go do pass you for Manchester

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