Paul Pogba Transfer Amebo: Man United wan pay Juventus €100m

Paul Pogba speculation don too tey – United dey do like snail for the matter

Manchester United and Juventus don drag this Paul Pogba matter for too long. Many fans dey hope say e no go end like the way Sneijder or Fabregas own go (After all the hype, we no buy the players)

‘Media Set’ don commot, yarn say Manchester Unted don table €100m to Juventus for Paul Pogba. The Red Devils don also talk say dem dey ready to pay Paul €15m as salary every year. Them also yarn say na five years contract wey e wan sign.

Mino Raiola dey for Manchester, e wan follow Woodward and ko yarn ontop how United go buy Pogba from Juventus.

Paul Pogba don commot Euro 2016 from hin mind, E attend ESPY Award for Los Angeles (LA)

Pogba still dey enjoy hin holiday for America with hin paddy Lukaku and e never word on any of the speculation wey surround hin name.

Rio Ferdinand: Mourinho fit win League – Pogba gots score 40 goals if we buy am for €120m

Real Madrid self dey chook eye for the matter but dem no fit pay the amount wey Red Devils wan drop but we hear say Zidane dey try whine Pogba, say make e wakka enter Madrid.

Everything una gots know about the Man United transfers: Who dey come? who dey commot?

If Paul Pogba fit wakka enter hin former club, e go mean say Jose Mourinho’s transfer window make brain this summer as e go don add Pogba to the list of Top players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrikh Mhkitaryan and Eric Bailly wey e don already sign.

This na wetin Thierry Henry yarn ontop the matter for Sky Sports, e talk say e go like make Paul Pogba wakka enter Premier League, say even if na to Manchester United:

Former Arsenal Striker Thierry Henry don yarn ontop Pogba matter

“We all sabi say e dey ball, when e dey with ball, e dey perform magic. Him na all round player but na different role wey e play for Euro 2016. I dey hope say e fit wakka enter back Premier League – E go dey good for the League and the club wey buy am but now now ehn, him na still Juve player and dem no wan free am.”

4 thoughts on “Paul Pogba Transfer Amebo: Man United wan pay Juventus €100m

  1. Abeg, make dem hurry up sign this guy at least make him follow play for Sweden, do small pre-season training with the team. Make him no go Turin at all make dem no go turn the guy head. LOL

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