Rio Ferdinand: Mourinho fit win League – Pogba gots score 40 goals if we buy am for €120m


Rio Ferdinand dey pray make Manchester United carry League next season 

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand don yarn hin mind ontop some issues wey dey bother am ontop Red Devils matter. Ferdinand wey bin dey United when the club bin dey carry League almost every season dey voice hin mind ontop say after Sir Alex Ferguson commot, na so so toture e be to watch Manchester United match. But e dey happy say United don get Baba Special, and say if dem fit get Paul Pogba, say we fit see the glory days again.

“I dey reason say €120m dey too much for any player. Anybody wey dem go buy for that amount gots dey score 40 goals every season,” Na wetin Rio Ferdinand yarn. “But Paul Pogba go soon be the best midfielder wey dey this world. E fit start new history for Manchester United and carry many trophies, if dem go gree buy am for that amount sha.”

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“Manchester United attack make sense die, na the midfield and defence wey no carry weight. Dem gots buy more players. Now wey Jose Mourinho don wakka enter the club, United fit win league this season,” Rio Ferdinand still dey yarn. “E shock me say last season, Manchester United bin dey target to finish for Champions League, Tufia. When I bin dey there, every season, na League we dey target.”

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“Na the best time wey Manchester United don get Jose Mourinho ontop say e go dey vess for wetin Chelsea do am, and e go wan prove a point. E sabi wetin e want and e go achieve am,” Rio Ferdinand still dey talk. “The work wey e gots do plenty sha ontop say dem finish fifth last season and dem no dey inside Champions League.”

3 thoughts on “Rio Ferdinand: Mourinho fit win League – Pogba gots score 40 goals if we buy am for €120m

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