Zlatan Ibrahimovic don react to wetin Eric Cantona talk – I Go do pass you for Manchester


Manchester United signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic don show say hin Ego big gan as e don respond to Eric Cantona.

Una sabi say Manchester United Legend bin talk say e sweet am say Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Papa Ibro) don wakka enter United, say Zlatan don see chance to write hin name in the history books of the great club.

Before e wakka commot, Eric Cantona talk say no matter wetin Zlatan do for Manchester United, say e no fit be ‘King of Manchester’ onto say na him (Eric) be King, and United only fit get one king. E also talk say Zlatan fit be prince if e want.

Manchester United players don react ontop Wigan yansh bursting

Zlatan don react ontop the matter for one interview wey hin do.

“Cantona na player wey I like gan and I don hear wetin e yarn. But I no go be King of Manchester United.  I go be the god of Manchester.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic no fit waka go China with the team

Zlatan dey try talk say e go outshine David de Gea (wey don win win best player for Manchester United for the past three years).

Also, Many Manchester United fans go dey pray make Zlatan keep to hin word onto say if e fit do pass wetin Eric Cantona do for Manchester United, e mean say we go carry League next season.

Rio Ferdinand: Mourinho fit win League – Pogba gots score 40 goals if we buy am for €120m

Zlatan bin play the Euro 2016 tournament wey Portugal win but hin team (Sweden) no commot from group stage. Papa Ibro no even score any goal self. E fit be say e dey save all hin goals for Manchester United.


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