Luke Shaw: We wan impress Jose Mourinho and fans for China Tour

Manchester United wan do well for China Pre-season Tour sote Jose Mourinho head go dey swell, na wetin defender Luke Shaw yarn. 

Luke Shaw go wan impress Jose Mourinho for China, so e go get hin starting shirt back 

The Reds don land for Shanghai for the AON Tour 2016. Them go face both Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City.

Apart from matches, dem go train every day self inside hot weather, as dem dey prepare for the 2016/17 season.  

Shaw don commot yarn say e go make sense if the Manchester United players tap better ball sote Jose Mourinho and chinko fans head go dey swell.

This na wetin the left-back yarn: “I don dey hear say our chinko fans dey craze ontop our matter, so e don dey hungry me since to wakka enter here to play ball.”

Henrikh Mkhitaryan: I go epp Manchester United to carry titles

“The main koko na to full ground (fitness) but e go make our fans happy if we play better ball and we go like make Jose Mourinho swell. We gots show am wetin we fit do, everybody here dey fight for shirt. I dey hope say we fit jolly sha.”

Luke Shaw bin play first half against Wigan Athletic as Red Devils bin win the match 2-0.

juan mata shaw

Luke Shaw bin play against Wigan – first half 

“Pre-season dey important onto say e dey make person full ground, my own even worse, i don miss football for 10 months,” Shaw still dey yarn. “Everybody gots dey careful when e dey play ball. When person first come back from wound, you gots dey alert so you no go get another one. But the main koko ontop Pre-season na to full ground before the first game of the season.”

Juventus don finally gree with Manchester United ontop Paul Pogba

The latest people wey Manchester United sign, Eric Bailly and Henrikh Mkhitaryan bin play their first match against Wigan. Dem two don follow the rest of the team go China.

“The tour dey epp our new players, e dey make them adapt, e dey make dem sabi everybody,” Luke Shaw still dey yarn. “We no dey get problem – e dey easy for new players to blend in sha, nobody dey form.”


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