Wayne Rooney don confuse – I go strike? i go play midfield?


Wayne Rooney don finally meet Jose Mourinho for training 

Wayne Rooney bin dey reason say e don get new work for Manchester United as Midfielder but Jose Mourinho wakka enter Old Trafford talk say Baba Roo go play as N0.9 or No.10 for am.

Since the, Rooney don dey set hin mind to tearing net again for Red Devils.

Right now ehn, Nobody sabi Rooney best position. One time, e go regain the sharpness wey e get for Everton and e go score mad goal. Another time, e go dey fling pass for midfield like Paul Scholes, Andreas Pirlo or Xavi.

Last summer, after Louis van Gaal bin talk say Rooney go score reach 25 goals during the season, This na wetin Rooney yarn ontop the matter.

“I believe myself gan. I dey ready to strike again and be the person wey go dey tear net for the team,” Na wetin Wayne yarn. “Na where i like na and e sure me say na where i go play. E dey obvious say i go tear net. Na where me and manager believe say i go shine pass other places.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic don react to wetin Eric Cantona talk – I Go do pass you for Manchester

“For United, i don play for many positions but if u wan see say i sabi strike, make una watch England matches – i dey tear net. I dey pray make i score reach 20 goals or more. If i dey strike ehn, and i no score reach 20, e go pain me.”


“Na my best position – and no be today i don dey talk am – i be striker, and my best two seasons for here na when na me be only striker.”

When April con reach, Baba Roo con dey change mouth say e wan play No.8 or No.10 and e con yarn say e don dey study Paul Scholes so e go fit teach himself.

Hit and miss for Rooney at Euro 2016

Wayne Rooney bin play for Midfield for England, for Euro 2016

For England, at Euro 2016, Wayne Rooney bin play for Midfield. E try small sha but e for make sense if hin dey play No.10…

Ander Herrera: Make una no dey compare me with Scholes, i never reach hin level

For the press conference wey Mourinho do, this na wetin e yarn ontop Wayne Rooney:

“E don change as years dey wakka pass but hin ginger never change. E no go play as No.6 for me..”



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